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For with you is the fountain of LIFE, in your light we see light. pslams 36:9

LIGHT UP LIFE  is our own brand established in Hong Kong with courageous and innovative thinking. With the innovative concept of " THINK inside OUT OF THE BOX " , we convey the brand belief ~ " be SHINY be HAPPY be YOU ". Our own developed LIGHTBRICKS - combining the traditional business model with social practise - began to ignite this micro-innovation boom in several emerging cities in Asia. 
By actively participating in our patented " LIGHTBRICKS STEM-UP WORKSHOP ", the children and the adults enjoyed their unprecedented creativities, and were inspired by their inner potential and drive to "be SHINY"
to keep shining and share their light to others on the wonderful road of life. 
Through our agile, innovative and multicultural " LIGHT UP CITY " program, we will continue to promote various kind of " LIGHT UP " activities in different cities and regions in Asia. With the core values and elements of  LOVE and LIGHT, we would like to encourage more people to feel the true light & warmth from HEAVEN.
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